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    Modulation of Distinct Intrinsic Resting State Brain Networks by Acute Exercise Bouts of Differing Intensity

    Schmitt, A., Upadhyay, N., Rojas Vega, S., Martin, J. A., Strüder, H. K. & Boecker, H., 26.12.2020, in : Brain plasticity. 2019, 5, S. 39-55

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    Analysis of Taekwondo Performances Using IPA Technique

    Choi, Y., Park, J. & Kim, I-G., 05.09.2020, at the 27th conference on European Association for Sport Management.

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    The Penalty Kick: Understand the Psychology to Win Every Penalty

    Memmert, D. & Noël, B., 01.05.2020, (!!Unpublished) Meyer & Meyer Sport. 134 S.

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    Reliable measurement in sport psychology: The case of performance outcome measures

    Schweizer, G., Furley, P., Rost, N. & Barth, K., 05.2020, (!!Unpublished) in : Psychology of Sport and Exercise.

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    Effectiveness of a Home-Based Rehabilitation Program After Total Hip Arthroplasty Driven by a Tablet App and Remote Coaching: Nonrandomized Controlled Trial Combining a Single-Arm Intervention Cohort With Historical Controls.

    Wijnen, A., Hoogland, J., Munsterman, T., Gerritsma, C. LE., Dijkstra, B., Zijlstra, W. P., Dekker, J. S., Annegarn, J., Ibarra, F., Slager, G. E., Zijlstra, W. & Stevens, M., 27.04.2020, in : JMIR rehabilitation and assistive technologies. 7, 1, 11 S., e14139.

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    The History and Development of Sports Clubs in South Korea: Tangible and Intangible Values

    Kim, M. & Park, J., 15.04.2020

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