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    Does sex hormone-binding globulin cause insulin resistance during pubertal growth?

    Le, S., Xu, L., Schumann, M., Wu, N., Törmäkangas, T., Alén, M., Cheng, S. & Wiklund, P., 01.03.2019, in : Endocrine connections. 8, 5, S. 510-517 8 S.

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    Ein Erfolgsfaktor: Teil 1.

    Klein-Soetebier, T. & Dorissen, P., 01.03.2019, in : Tischtennis. 2019, 3, S. 48-49 2 S.

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    Reliability of muscular activation patterns and their alterations during incremental handcycling in able-bodied participants

    Quittmann, O. J., Abel, T., Albracht, K. & Strüder, H. K., 04.03.2019, in : Sports biomechanics. 16 S.

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    Influence of different rehabilitative aerobic exercise programs on (anti-) inflammatory immune signalling, cognitive and functional capacity in persons with MS - study protocol of a randomized controlled trial

    Joisten, N., Rademacher, A., Bloch, W., Schenk, A., Oberste, M., Dalgas, U., Langdon, D., Caminada, D., Purde, M-T., Gonzenbach, R., Kool, J., Zimmer, P. & Bansi, J., 08.03.2019, in : BMC neurology. 19, 9 S., 37.

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    Acute Leg and Trunk Muscle Fatigue Differentially Affect Strength, Sprint, Agility, and Balance in Young Adults

    Roth, R., Donath, L., Zahner, L. & Faude, O., 15.03.2019, in : Journal of strength and conditioning research / National Strength & Conditioning Association. 7 S.

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    Not every pass can be an assist: a data-driven model to measure pass effectiveness in professional soccer matches

    Goes, F. R., Kempe, M., A. Meerhoff, L. & A.P.M Lemmink, K., 18.03.2019, in : Big Data. 7, 1, S. 57-70 14 S.

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    Creation and Validation of the Pre-service PE Teachers' Attitudes Towards Inclusive Physical Education scale (ATIPE)

    Meier, S. & Ruin, S., 19.03.2019, in : International Journal of Physical Education. 56, 1, S. 21‒32 12 S.

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