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    Understanding the interactions among revenue categories using elasticity measures – Evidence from a longitudinal sample of non-profit sport clubs in Germany

    Wicker, P., Breuer, C. & Hennigs, B., 2012, in: Sport Management Review. 15, 3, S. 318-329

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    Understanding the Interdependent Nature of Persons and Contexts in Youth sport: Implications for Future Research, Design, and Delivery in Youth Sport

    Hardiman, A. L., Atkinson, O., Eckardt, V. & Fleming, D. J. M., 2022, in: Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology. 44, Supplement, S. S8

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    Understanding the microstructure of practice: Training differences between various age classes, expertise levels and sports

    Hüttermann, S., Memmert, D. & Baker, J., 2014, in: Talent Development and Excellence. 6, 1, S. 17-29

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    Understanding the Motivation Process of the Players Experiencing Homelessness in the Homeless World Cup

    Park, J., 01.12.2019, in: International Journal of Applied Sports Sciences. 31, 2, S. 138-154 17 S.

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    Understanding the Nintendo Wii console in Long-term Care Facilities

    Marston, H., Greenlay, S. & van Hoof, J., 2013, in: Technology and Disability. 25, 2, S. 77-85 9 S.

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    Understanding the yips in golf : thoughts, feelings, and focus of attention in yips-affected golfers

    Philippen, P. B. & Lobinger, B. H., 2012, in: The sport psychologist : the official journal of the International Society of Sport Psychology. 26, Champaign, S. 325-340 16 S.

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    "... und für die Ehre unserer Nation(en)": Olympische Deutschlandpolitik zwischen 1960 und 1968

    Lippmann, K., 2017, Hildesheim: Arete Verlag. 510 S.

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    Undisputable results by coupling of GC-IRMS with high-resolution mass spectrometry for final confirmation in sports drug testing

    Juchelka, D., Tuthorn, M., Piper, T. & Thevis, M., 2018, Recent advances in doping analysis (26): 36th Cologne Workshop on Dope Analysis 23rd to 26th April 2018. Thevis, M., Geyer, H. & Mareck, U. (Hrsg.). Sportverlag Strauß, S. 250 1 S. (Recent advances in doping analysis; Band 26).

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    Unergründlichkeit und Kritik-Begriff: Plessners Politische Anthropologie als Absage an die Schulphilosophie

    Schürmann, V., 1997, in: Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie . 45, 3, S. 345-361

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    Unerkannte Potenziale?

    Ludwig, M., 18.06.2012

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