1. 2021
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    Sport and social entrepreneurship in Germany: exploring athlete perspectives on an emerging field

    Moustakas, L. & Kalina, L., 28.04.2021, in: World Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development. 10 S.

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    Hemispheric specialization for nonverbal gestures depicting motion and space

    Helmich, I., Voelk, M., Coenen, J., Xu, L., Reinhardt, J., Mueller, S., Schepmann, J. & Lausberg, H., 24.04.2021, (Elektronische Veröffentlichung vor Drucklegung.) in: Brain and cognition. 151, S. 105736

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    Maximal isometric strength indices are associated with the oxygen cost of walking and running in recreationally active men and women

    Schumann, M., Chen, Z., Wang, X., Le, S., Zhang, T., Waller, K. & Cheng, S., 18.04.2021, (Elektronische Veröffentlichung vor Drucklegung.) in: Research in sports medicine (Print). 14 S.

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    No Influence of Nonivamide-nicoboxil on the Peak Power Output in Competitive Sportsmen

    Schörkmaier, T., Wahl, Y., Bloch, W. & Wahl, P., 15.04.2021, (Elektronische Veröffentlichung vor Drucklegung.) in: International journal of sports medicine. 6 S.

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    How to manage quarantine-adherence, psychosocial consequences, coping strategies and lifestyle of patients with COVID-19 and their confirmed contacts: study protocol of the CoCo-Fakt surveillance study, Cologne, Germany

    Joisten, C., Kossow, A., Book, J., Broichhaus, L., Daum, M., Eisenburger, N., Fabrice, A., Feddern, S., Gehlhar, A., Graf, A. C., Grüne, B., Lorbacher, M., Nießen, J., Noethig, W., Schmidt, N., Tappiser, M. & Wiesmüller, G. A., 13.04.2021, in: BMJ open. 11, 4, 7 S., e048001.

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    재귀적 기제들과 스포츠 과학: 사회와 문화의 통합 프레임

    Körner, S., 09.04.2021, Observing Luhmann . Koreanische Gesellschaft für soziale Systemtheorie (Hrsg.). Korea: Han-ul, S. 94-114 21 S.

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    Impact of physical activity on course and outcome of pregnancy from pre- to postnatal

    Ferrari, N. & Joisten, C., 07.04.2021, (Elektronische Veröffentlichung vor Drucklegung.) in: European journal of clinical nutrition.

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    Mobility in community-dwelling older adults; what are its determinants?

    Zijlstra, W. & Giannouli, E., 07.04.2021, in: BMC Geriatrics. 21, 1, 4 S., 21:228.

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    Book Review: Judgment, Decision-Making, and Embodied Choices

    Miklashevsky, A., Kulkova, E., Michirev, A., Mende, M. A. & Bertonatti, M., 06.04.2021, in: Frontiers in psychology. 12, 2 S., 665728.

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    Is the recent sports nutrition sufficient to maintain optimal micronutrient levels?

    Erpenbach, K., Erpenbach, M. C., Mayer, W., Hoffmann, U. & Mücke, S., 05.04.2021, in: Global Journal of Orthopedics Research & Sports Medicine. 2, 1, S. 1-15 15 S.

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