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    In-Vivo Ultraschalldiagnostik zur Analyse der Arbeitsweise des Gastrocnemius Medialis beim Laufen unter Teilbelastung auf einem vertikalen Laufband

    Richter, C., Braunstein, B., Stäudle, B., Attias, J., Suess, A., Weber, T., Mileva, K., Rittweger, J., Green, D. A. & Albracht, K., 23.11.2019, eProceedings des Forschungssymposiums für Physiotherapie. 1 S.

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    Skill Training Periodization in “Specialist” Sports Coaching—An Introduction of the “PoST” Framework for Skill Development

    Otte, F. W., Millar, S-K. & Klatt, S., 15.11.2019, in : Frontiers in Sports and Active Living. 1, 17 S., 61.

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    Neu: Stepping-Interventionen zur Sturzprävention: Trends im Training mit Älteren

    Giannouli, E. & Morat, T., 12.11.2019, in : Zeitschrift für Physiotherapeuten : Pt. 71, 11, S. 38-42 5 S.

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    The consistency of performance among age group swimmers over 8 consecutive years

    Staub, I., Zinner, C., Stallman, R. K. & Vogt, T., 08.11.2019, in : German Journal of Exercise and Sport Research. 7 S.

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    Can Heart Rate Variability Determine Recovery Following Distinct Strength Loadings? A Randomized Cross-Over Trial

    Thamm, A., Freitag, N., Figueiredo, P., Doma, K., Rottensteiner, C., Bloch, W. & Schumann, M., 07.11.2019, in : International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 16, 22, 11 S., 4353.

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    COMP in the Infrapatellar Fat Pad - Results of a Prospective Histological, Immunohistological, and Biochemical Case-Control Study

    Grevenstein, D., Heilig, J., Dargel, J., Oppermann, J., Eysel, P., Brochhausen, C. & Niehoff, A., 07.11.2019, in : Journal of orthopaedic research : official publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society.

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    Predictors of real-life mobility in community-dwelling older adults: an exploration based on a comprehensive framework for analyzing mobility

    Giannouli, E., Fillekes, M. P., Mellone, S., Weibel, R., Bock, O. & Zijlstra, W., 03.11.2019, in : European Review of Aging and Physical Activity. 16, 13 S., 19.

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    Commentary: Complex Motor Learning and Police Training: Applied, Cognitive, and Clinical Perspectives

    Staller, M. & Körner, S., 01.11.2019, in : Frontiers in psychology. 10, 3 S., 2444.

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