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    Effects of longer vs. shorter timed movement sequences on alpha motor inhibition when combining contractions and relaxations

    Flüthmann, N., Kato, K., Bloch, O., Kanosue, K. & Vogt, T. 19.10.2018 in : Experimental brain research.

    Publikation: Forschung - BegutachtungZeitschriftenaufsätze

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    A 12-Month Lifestyle Intervention Program Improves Body Composition and Reduces the Prevalence of Prediabetes in Obese Patients

    König, D., Hörmann, J., Predel, H-G. & Berg, A. 17.10.2018 in : Obesity facts : the European journal of obesity. 11, 5, S. 393-399

    Publikation: Forschung - BegutachtungZeitschriftenaufsätze

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    Compromised knee internal rotation in total knee arthroplasty patients during stair climbing

    Komnik, I., David, S., Funken, J., Haberer, C., Potthast, W. & Weiss, S. 10.10.2018 in : PloS one. 13, 10, e0205492

    Publikation: Forschung - BegutachtungZeitschriftenaufsätze

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    Spatiotemporal parameters in sprinters with unilateral and bilateral transfemoral amputations and functional impairments

    Hobara, H., Hashizume, S., Kobayashi, Y., Namiki, Y., Müller, R., Funken, J. & Potthast, W. 08.10.2018 in : European journal of applied physiology.

    Publikation: Forschung - BegutachtungZeitschriftenaufsätze

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