1. 2019
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    Neu: Stepping-Interventionen zur Sturzprävention: - Trends im Training mit Älteren

    Giannouli, E. & Morat, T., 12.11.2019, in : Zeitschrift für Physiotherapeuten : Pt. 71, 9, S. 38-42 5 S.

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    The consistency of performance among age group swimmers over 8 consecutive years

    Staub, I., Zinner, C., Stallman, R. K. & Vogt, T., 08.11.2019, in : German Journal of Exercise and Sport Research. 7 S.

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    Can Heart Rate Variability Determine Recovery Following Distinct Strength Loadings? A Randomized Cross-Over Trial

    Thamm, A., Freitag, N., Figueiredo, P., Doma, K., Rottensteiner, C., Bloch, W. & Schumann, M., 07.11.2019, in : International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 16, 22, 11 S., 4353.

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    COMP in the Infrapatellar Fat Pad - Results of a Prospective Histological, Immunohistological, and Biochemical Case-Control Study

    Grevenstein, D., Heilig, J., Dargel, J., Oppermann, J., Eysel, P., Brochhausen, C. & Niehoff, A., 07.11.2019, in : Journal of orthopaedic research : official publication of the Orthopaedic Research Society.

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    Predictors of real-life mobility in community-dwelling older adults: an exploration based on a comprehensive framework for analyzing mobility

    Giannouli, E., Fillekes, M. P., Mellone, S., Weibel, R., Bock, O. & Zijlstra, W., 03.11.2019, in : European Review of Aging and Physical Activity. 16, 13 S., 19.

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    Commentary: Complex Motor Learning and Police Training: Applied, Cognitive, and Clinical Perspectives

    Staller, M. & Körner, S., 01.11.2019, in : Frontiers in psychology. 10, 3 S., 2444.

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    Praxis-Theorie-Organizer: Ein praktikables Werkzeug zur Visualisierung und Dokumentation der Unterrichts- und Lernprogression

    Angelika Julia, B., 01.11.2019, in : Sportunterricht. 68, 11, S. 513 3 S.

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    Retention and generalizability of balance recovery response adaptations from trip perturbations across the adult life span

    König, M., Epro, G., Seeley, J., Potthast, W. & Karamanidis, K., 01.11.2019, in : Journal of neurophysiology. 122, 5, S. 1884-1893 10 S.

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    Orientamento sessuale, identità di genere e sport: Selezione dei risultati e raccomandazioni - Italia

    Hartmann-Tews, I., Menzel, T., Braumüller, B., Coco, R., Heusslein, K., Maccarone, A. & Paesano, A., 11.2019, Köln, S. 1-11.

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    Sexual Orientation, gender identity and sport: Selected findings and recommendations for action - Scotland

    Hartmann-Tews, I., Menzel, T., Braumüller, B., Torrance, H. & Marshall, A., 11.2019, Köln, S. 1-11.

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