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    A Comparison of Sensorimotor Adaptation in the Visual and in the Auditory Modality

    Schmitz, G. & Bock, O. L., 25.09.2014, in : PloS one.

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    A comparison of the efficacy of two types of inpatient psychotherapy of mental and psychosomatic disorders in primary care in a naturalistic therapy study

    Poehlmann, K., Strauss, B., Israel, M., Petrowski, K. & Joraschky, P., 2006, in : GRUPPENPSYCHOTHERAPIE UND GRUPPENDYNAMIK. 42, 3, S. 230-247

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    A comparison on the implementation of learn-to-swim classes into the Australian and German primary curriculum

    Knorr-Held, V., Staub, I. & Vogt, T., 12.2019, Abstract Book of World Congress on Drowning Prevention. S. 176

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    A conceptual framework for collective emotions in sport

    Wolf, S. & Beauchamp, M., 2015, in : Journal of Exercise, Movement and Sport. 47, 1, 1 S.

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    A constraints-led approach to coaching association football: The role of perceptual information and the acquisition of coordination

    Dicks, M. & Chow, J. Y., 2010, Motor Learning in Practice: A Constraints-Led Approach. Davids, K., Savelsbergh, G. & Renshaw, I. (Hrsg.). London: Routledge, S. 161-172

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    A controlled randomized study examining the effects of exercise therapy on patients undergoing haematopoietic stem cell transplantation

    Baumann, F., Kraut, L., Schüle, K., Bloch, W. & Fauser, A. A., 2010, in : Bone marrow transplantation. 45, 2, S. 355-362

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    Acoustic Information During Motor Control and Action Perception: A Review

    Pizzera, A. & Hohmann, T., 2015, in : The Open Psychology Journal. 8, Suppl. 3:M3, S. 183-191 8 S.

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    Acquired Control of Ventral Premotor Cortex Activity by Feedback Training: An Exploratory Real-Time fMRI and TMS Study

    Steven-Vitense, B., Ranganatha, S., Veit, R., Caria, A., Gerloff, C., Birbaumer, N. & Hummel, F., 2014, in : Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair. 26, 3, S. 256-265

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    Acquisition of a Simple Motor Skill: Task-Dependent Adaptation and Long-Term Changes in the Human Soleus Stretch Reflex

    Mrachacz-Kersting, N., Kersting, U. G., de Brito Silva, P., Makihara, Y., Arendt-Nielsen, L., Sinkjaer, T. & Thompson, A. K., 05.06.2019, in : Journal of neurophysiology. 122, 1, S. 435-446 12 S.

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    "Acrobatic Salsa" in Germany - Adoption Process and Body Norms

    Vagt-Keßler, S., 2009, Local sport in Europe. Proceedings of the 4th eass conference 31.05.-03.06.2007 in Münster. Jütting, D. H., Schulze, B. & Müller, U. (Hrsg.). Lancillotto e Nausica, S. 134-144

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