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    Using electrochemistry for metabolite simulation and synthesis in preventive doping research: application to the Rycal S107 and the PPARd-agonist GW1516

    Jahn, S., Beuck, S., Möller, I., Thevis, M. & Karst, U., 2013, in: Analytical Methods. 5, S. 1214-1224

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    Using Facebook in sports contexts: a qualitative approach towards the functions of social networking sites for sports activities of young grown-ups in Germany

    Braumüller, B., 2017, The values of sport : between tradition and (post)modernity. Slepickova, I. (Hrsg.). UK FTVS, S. 109 1 S.

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    Using gene-history and expression analyses to assess the involvement of LGI genes in human disorders

    Gu, W., Gibert, Y., Wirth, T., Elischer, A., Bloch, W., Meyer, A., Steinlein, O. K. & Begemann, G., 01.11.2005, in: Molecular biology and evolution. 22, 11, S. 2209-2216 8 S.

    Publikationen: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftZeitschriftenaufsätzeForschung

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    Using generalized Voronoi-cells to calculate space control in soccer

    Rein, R., Bajorat, A., Ewers, M. & Memmert, D., 2017, World Conference on Science & Soccer. Université Rennes, S. 139 1 S.

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    Using multiple machine learning algorithms to classify elite and sub-elite goalkeepers in professional men’s football.

    Jamil, M., Phatak, A., Mehta, S., Beato, M., Memmert, D. & Connor, M., 2021, in: Scientific Reports. 2021, 11, 7 S., 22703 (2021) .

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    Using Oculomotoric Parameters to Determine Task Demands in Ideal Type Military Task

    Sievert, A., Gorges, W., Witzki, A. & Leyk, D., 2015, in: WMM. 59, 3, S. 94-95

    Publikationen: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftKonferenz-Abstract in FachzeitschriftForschungBegutachtung

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    Using oculomotoric parameters to determine task demands in ideal type military tasks

    Sievert, A., Gorges, W., Witzki, A. & Leyk, D., 2014, Soldiers' Physical Performance. S. 57

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    Using slow-paced breathing to foster endurance, well-being, and sleep quality in athletes during the Covid-19 pandemic

    Borges, U., Lobinger, B., Javelle, F., Watson, M., Mosley, E. & Laborde, S., 13.05.2021, in: Frontiers in psychology. 12, S. 1-8 8 S., 624655.

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    Using Sport to Promote Peace and Integration in Fractured Societies

    Rookwood, J. & Wassong, S., 2010, Post-Conflict Reconstruction. Ferguson, N. (Hrsg.). Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, S. 32-51

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    Using task effort and pupil size to track covert shifts of visual attention independently of a pupillary light reflex

    Brocher, A., Harbecke, R., Graf, T., Memmert, D. & Hüttermann, S., 07.03.2018, in: Behavior research methods. 17 S.

    Publikationen: Beitrag in FachzeitschriftZeitschriftenaufsätzeForschungBegutachtung