Short Bouts of Intensive Exercise During the Workday Have a Positive Effect on Neuro-cognitive Performance.

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Beside its positive impact on physical health, exercise is indicated to positively affect cognitive performance based on a relocation of cortical activity. This study examined the influence of different types of breaks on cognitive performance and related cortical activity in office-based employees. Breaks were filled with exercise, resting or a usual break and a control condition where employees continued working without any break. Cognitive performance was assessed using the d2-R test and two commercially available cognitive tasks. Brain cortical activity was recorded using electroencephalography before and after breaks. Individual's mood was analysed using a profile of mood state. Results indicate a positive effect of a 3-min boxing intervention on cognitive performance, mirrored by a decrease in prefrontal cortex activity. Although perceived psychological state was increased after the usual break, this is reflected in neither cortical activity nor cognitive performance. With respect to the fact that also bike activity resulted an increase in prefrontal alpha-2 activity, a positive effect of exercise on neuro-cognitive performance can be stated. Health and economic benefits may result from brief physical activity breaks and help to maintain workplace performance and job satisfaction.
ZeitschriftStress and Health
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 02.10.2015

ID: 1698247


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