Stress in Physical Education Teachers: A Systematic Review of Sources, Consequences and Moderators of Stress

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While physical education teachers certainly have to deal with circumstances that characterize the teaching profession in general, they also face circumstances specific to PE classes (e.g., physical demands, organizational circumstances). The aim of the present systematic review was to identify published scientific studies that examined sources of stress, consequences of chronic stress and moderators of stress in physical education teachers. In addition the systematic review aims to formulate implications for future research and teacher education. The initial search identified 2483 publications, including 47 that met the inclusion criteria. The most important sources of stress in physical education teachers were the curriculum, inadequate facilities/equipment, the low status of PE and students´ discipline problems. Regarding the consequences of chronic stress, the majority of studies assessed burnout and reported low to moderate levels of burnout in general. However, of the studies that reported percentages, 20-25% of physical education teachers indicated high levels of burnout. In order to draw conclusions on the relationship between sources of stress and consequences of chronic stress in physical education teachers, future studies should (a) assess both sources of stress and consequences of chronic stress , (b) use more adequate measures for consequences of chronic stress and (c) address potential moderators of stress. In terms of practical implications, strategies such as mentorship, classroom management and emotion regulation appear to warrant inclusion in teacher education to enable teachers to deal with stress at school.
Titel in ÜbersetzungStress bei Sportlehrkräften: Eine systematische Literaturübersicht zu Ursachen, Auswirkungen und Moderatoren von Stress
ZeitschriftResearch Quarterly for Exercise and Sport
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 14.11.2019

ID: 3166798


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