The Effect of Authentic and Transformational Leadership of Korean Golf Coaches on Leader-Member Exchange and Golfers’ Performance

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Introduction In 2017, South Korean golfers won 15 times in the LPGA Tour, and 18 Koreans were ranked the top 100 on the LPGA money list (LPGA, 2017). A coach’s leadership is considered one of the main factors to determine the performance. The leadership of the coaches have traditionally been described by transformational, servant and transactional leadership. In particular, transformational leadership was regarded as a prerequisite for success or winning in that it allows athletes to have clear objectives and strategies through mutual interaction. However, authentic leadership has recently emerged because authenticity leads to a voluntary devotion and trust, resulting in high performance. As such, the leadership tends to entail dyadic interaction controlling the performance, which is closely related to leader-member exchange (LMX) (Truckenbrodt, 2000). Therefore, the purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of authentic and transformational leadership of Korean golf coaches on LMX and golfers’ performance. Methods Data were collected from 250 prospective golfers who belonged to golf academies in 2016 by using convenient sampling method. After removing 45 cases of incomplete questionnaires, 205 were used for data analysis. For the study, reliability analysis, Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA), correlation analysis and Structural Equation Model (SEM) were conducted by using SPSS 20.0 and AMOS 20.0. Results The overall validity and fit did not seem acceptable, χ2(df) = 356.869 (203, p<.001). Nevertheless, CFI = .931, TLI = .922, RMSEA = .061 and RMR = .037 exceeded fit index recommended by Bagozzi & Dholakia (2002), and therefore overall validity and fit can be considered a good model for the study. As a result, authentic and transformational leadership positively affected LMX, respectively, β=.425, t=3.654 and β=.510, t=4.194. Authentic leadership significantly influenced performance, β=.387, t=2.459. However, LMX and transformational leadership were not significant for performance, respectively, β=.315, t=1.742 and β=.072, t=.466. Conclusion The findings found that transformational leadership relatively had a higher influence on LMX than authentic leadership, and golfers’ performance was positively affected by authentic leadership. It can be inferred that each leadership is effective, but transformational leadership seems more important to LMX as the leaders enthusiastically motivate their golfers to have an inspiration and confidence toward their goals. Also, golf performance is largely dependent upon psychological and emotional aspects, and therefore authentic leadership with rational transparency could positively induce golfers’ state of mine and commitment for the high performance.
TitelBook of abstracts : 23rd Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science, 4th-7th July 2018, Dublin, Ireland : Sport science at the cutting edge
Redakteure/-innenM. Murphy, C. Boreham, G. De Vito, E. Tsolakidis
ISBN (Print)978-3-9818414-1-1
PublikationsstatusVeröffentlicht - 04.07.2018
VeranstaltungAnnual Congress of the European College of Sport Science - University College Dublin, Dublin, Irland
Dauer: 04.07.201807.07.2018
Konferenznummer: 23

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