The Mental Game: Cognitive Training, Creativity, & Game Intelligence in Soccer

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Not only are top players like Kevin De Bruyne or Luka Modric able to perceive everything that is happening around them, but they are also able to foresee the next game situations and react to them. This “mental speed” lays the foundation to building master performances in extremely complex game situations. The Mental Game outlines a theoretical framework in which anticipation, perception, attention, and memory processes play a big role in helping coaches and players better understand complex game situations and how to react in them. It also provides practical examples and more than 70 games for training sessions that will develop players’ cognitive abilities. With sharper minds, players will win the mental game and become winning players on the field.
VerlagMeyer & Meyer
ISBN (Print)978-1782552215
Publikationsstatus!!Unpublished - 01.08.2021

ID: 5888470

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