Towards Reflexivity in Police Practice and Research. A Commentary on

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With their recent article Bennell at al. (2021) intend to “provide insights into fundamental issues related to police use of force” (p. 1). In a total of ten short commentaries, internationally leading police scholars and practitioners lay out what they perceive as “urgent issues and prospects” (p. 1), thereby setting up a future agenda for police use of force research and practice. Since the author´s proposal is likely to influence future debates, we feel warrants that foremost the issue on how the issue of urgency is handled in the paper at hand deserves scientific attention. While Bennell et al. (2021) emphasize the importance of evidence-based policing for the further professionalization of policing, we advocate for reflexivity in modern police practice and research. Reflexivity calls for the analysis on preconditions and consequences of scientific perspectives themselves, thus touching issues of evidence of evidence.
ZeitschriftLegal and Criminological Psychology
Seiten (von - bis)1-8
PublikationsstatusAkzeptiert - 2022

ID: 6324019

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