Institute of Cardiology and Sports Medicine

Organisational unit: Institute

  1. RBC Verformbarkeit bei Athleten und Nicht-Athleten

    Grau, M.


    Project: Funded by Third Parties

  2. Physiological profile and power profile of elite canoe polo players

    Wahl, P. & Hoppstock, M.


    Project: Funded by Internal Resources

  3. Hormonal, cellular and genetic responses and training adaptations to different training intensities and different recovery modalities in endurance training

    Wahl, P., Wahl, Y., Mathes, S., Köhler, K., Zinner, C. J., Achtzehn, S., Bloch, W., Mester, J., Jansen, F., Werner, N., Wehmeier, U. & Hilberg, T.


    Project: University Funding Programs

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