Kira Siewert


Research profil

Kira Siewert has been researching as a pHd student at the Institute for Dance and Movement Culture at the German Sport University Cologne since 15 April 2021 in the project "#vortanz: Automated pre-annotations in digital university dance education". This is a BMBF-funded project that sustainably links machine learning with university dance education. The project integrates methods from the fields of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) into the Motion Bank web system. Kira Siewert's dissertation in the research field "Digitality, Movement and Learning" focuses on the possibilities and limits of AI-based technologies in the context of movement education.

In her previous work as a research assistant at the Institute of Sport Science in Hanover, she dealt primarily with movement-based mindfulness methods and dance pedagogical issues. Other focal points in research and teaching are mindfulness in sport, movement-based learning and psychomotricity. As a yoga teacher and certified trainer, she is also interested in (workplace) health promotion and resilience development.

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