Sophie Manuela Lindner


Research profile

Sophie Manuela Lindner is a lecturer for special assignments at the Institute for Dance and Movement Culture and researches in the fields of performance profiles, training analysis and practices in breakdance/breaking. She studied sports physiotherapy (BSc, MA) in Austria and Spain, and specialized in dance medicine. Since 2020, she has been conducting collaborative research with the Institute of Dance and Movement Culture in breakdancing/breaking, which will be represented for the first time at the 2024 Olympic Games.

Her core competencies lie in the methodical development of concepts for performance promotion and health prevention in dance, as well as in the teaching of applied health knowledge for dancers. Sophie teaches the courses for physical education "Trendsport: Breakdance" and "Trendsport: Hip Hop", as well as the bachelor courses "Dance" and "Gymnastics" in the module "Movement and Design".

In addition to her work at the university, she is the executive director of HE4DS - Health Education for Dancers and a board member of the non-profit Urban Dance Health e.V.. She creates the connection between theory and practice by transferring dance-scientific research results into dance-pedagogical concepts, which she conveys to dancers worldwide in numerous lectures, workshops and courses.

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