Sven Hoffmann


Sven Hoffmann

Building: Nawi-Medi 314

Phone: +49 221 4982 5720

Research profil

  • Neurophysiological correlates of error processing and cognitive control

  • Differential effects on executive control (e.g. control in older age, personality and cognitive control)

  • Executive functions

  • The interaction of response monitoring processes and attention

  • Psychophysiological methods




Expertise of methods


  • Event-related potentials

  • Single-trial EEG analysis

  • ICA

  • Dipole localization

  • Event-related lateralizations


  • Multivariate statistics (PCA, ICA, FA, DA)
  • Machine learning, pattern recognition
  • Response time modeling


  • Python
  • GNU R
  • Matlab & EEGLAB

Subject of dissertation

Title: "Independent component analysis of ocular artifacts" - Evaluation of different methods (ICA,regression) to correct eye movement artifacts in the EEG

ID: 217073

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