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Swen Körner


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Prof. Dr. Swen Körner studied sports science at the DSHS in Cologne and was awarded the German Study Prize of the Körber Foundation in 2001. In 2008 he received his doctorate (summa cum laude) from the Technical University of Darmstadt. Since 2009 he is Professor of Sports Science and Head of the Department of Training Education and Martial Research at the German Sports University in Cologne. In March of 2021 Swen started his studies in "Game based Media and Education" at the Donau-University Krems / Österreich.
His current research focuses on training pedagogy, the professionalization of police mission training and martial arts studies. Swen Körner works for courts and insurance companies as an expert on questions relating to training accidents, personal injury offences and risk assessment. He also teaches in practice, including "Wrestling and Fighting" and Krav Maga. Swen Körner was himself a competitive athlete, member of the national team in full contact Taekwondo, multiple German Champion and Vice-European Cup winner. Privately he practices and teaches various self-defense styles.

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