Dr. Sportwiss.

Tim Fleiner


Research profil

Physical activity in aging
Sensor-based assessment of physical activity in aging
Sport- and movement gerontology in geriatric health care

Expertise of methods

Hybrid motion sensors (physical activity, motor behavior, mobility & circadian rhythms)
Psychopathometry (neuropsychiastric symptoms)

Subject of dissertation

Effects of structured physical exercise on neuropsychiatric symptoms in acute dementia care: Current evidence, development, evaluation, and implementation of a new hospital-based exercise program 

Teaching profil

SBG 12.2 (MSc Sport and Movement Gerontology): Clinical exercise science in geriatric health care 

RGM 6.1 (MA Rebilitation, Prevention and Health Management): Scientific Project and Methodology in Science - methodological analysis of intervention studies

ID: 16118

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