Tobias Vogt


Research profil

As Head of Institute, Tobias Vogt currently holds an Assistant Professorship in the Institute of Professional Sport Education and Sport Qualifications at the German Sport University. 

His current research focusses on sport-specific movement learning and motor behavioral processes linked to educational concepts and teaching competences of, particularly, physical education and school sport as well as young athletes development.

Responsible for establishing an internationally funded graduate school on ‘Performance control in sports: Skill-related motor behavior of sport-specific movement techniques in novices and athletes’, he acted as Visiting Professor at the Waseda University (Japan) between 2016 and 2018 and was awarded Adjunct Associate Professor at its Faculty of Sport Sciences in 2019. 

Tobias Vogt serves as Fellow of the European College of Sport Science and was invited for several months of research and lecturing to the University of the Sunshine Coast (Australia) and the Loughborough University (United Kingdom).

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