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Vera Abeln


Vera Abeln

Building: Nawi-Medi 407

Phone: +49 221 4982 4210

Research profil

How does physical activity influence the human brain and how does the brain control physical activity? Vera Abelns´ research focuses on neurophyisological correlates of movement and exercise interventions. Her dissertation proofs of changes of brain cortical activity during intensive exercise via electroencephalography. Electrocortical changes are correlated by her with hemodynamic, cardio-vascular, endocrinological, cognitive and mental changes in order to regard both, buttom-up as well as top-down processes.

Mrs. Abelns´ research examines the effect of sedentary as well as active lifestyle (training interventions) on the brain and accompanying psychophysical processes within the human body. She examines the influence of missing or increased gravity conditions during parabolic flights and human-centrifuge runs, as well as the effects of limited physcial activity during isolation and confinement (space travel, isolation studies) within the area of space research. Moreover, she investigates how physical activity can be used in order to improve psychophysical performance, mood, and overall health and wellbeing not only for astronauts, but also for various pools of our population (elderly, children, physical or cognitiv impaired people a. o.).

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