Geriatric Psychiatry in Motion - A Multi- and Interdisciplinary Program to Promote Physical Activity Among Elderly Psychiatric Patients

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  • LVR-Klinik Köln, Abteilung für Gerontopsychiatrie und -psychotherapie

Research objective

The primary objective is to promote physical activity and to
investigate the effects and underlying meachanisms of physical activity in elderly psychiatric patients.

Research method

Within an ongoing clinical trial (N=260), the following key features were developed and are under investigation: (1) a program to promote general physical activity; (2) specific exercise programs for inpatients; (3) specific programs for outpatient services; and (4) the implementation of an integrative objective mobility and physical activity assessment.

Research key findings

The establishment of a "Geriatric Psychiatry in Motion" program proved to be a worthwhile advancement in geriatric psychiatry care. Focusing on mobility facilitation and promoting physical activity in this area of health care may help to preserve physical capacity, prevent falls, and effect patients's moord and behavior. First results indicate good feasibility and promising improvements for patients, caregivers, and hospital staff. This interdisciplinary program and subsequent planned research projects will significantly contribute to further developments in nonpharmacological therapy in geriatric psychiatry care, possibly leading to less use of constraints and psychotropic medication.
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