BMBF MobiAssist

Project: Funded by Third Parties

Research Objective

The MobiAssist system will be developed to strengthen the self-reliant care for demented persons and their caregivers with regard to exercise and mobility.


Motor, cognitive and social competences will be individually and continuously trained by an innovatively designed system and specific training units. Social interactions and participation in everyday life of the patient is strengthened. This is valid for private as well as for day care. Familiy members involved in the care of dementia patients, as well as professionals in day care will be supported by the new system which can be individually adjusted to the respective patient and care setting. The MobiAssist system will be realized in a Kinect 2.0 based training and information system on TV (interactive TV, based on Exergame with Kinect HCI), that communicates cloud-based with different end devices (i.e. tablet) and with unobtrusive sensors for activity monitoring, thus supporting the carers with regard to patient mobility throughout the early and middle phases of dementia. In addition, the functionalities of MobiAssist are complemented with an information and education system, which can also be used for the conceptualization of trainings.
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