Play Volleyball, grow with it (Erasmus+ Project)

Project: Funded by Third Parties

Project participants

  • Jimmy Czimek (Co-Investigator)Institute of Professional Sport Education and Sport Qualifications
  • Yeşim Bulca (Co-Investigator)
  • Aurélien Favre (Principal Investigator)ENGSO Youth
  • Helen Veermae (Co-Investigator)Volleyball Federation of Estonia
  • Sanja Nikcevic (Co-Investigator)Volleyball Federation of Macedonia
  • Sami HEIKKINIEMI Heikkiniemi (Co-Investigator)Volleyball Federation of Finland
  • Josef Mihalco (Co-Investigator)Volleyball Federation of Slovakia
  • Vuk Karanovic (Spokesperson)European Volleyball Confederation (CEV)
Life span01.01.1930.09.21

ID: 5025759

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