Daimler -Fitness im Truck

Project: Funded by Third Parties

Research Objective

The study aims to examine a number of different motivational intervention approaches/methods in terms of their/with regard to their ability to increase/efficacy for increasing/potential to increase motivation to be physically active. Additionally, this study analyses the usage of a vehicle-integrated fitness device for truck drivers.


More than 200 truck drivers are participating in this project. The drivers have been randomized into one of four different intervention groups or a control group. In addition to the vehicle-integrated fitness device, drivers in the intervention groups receive either intention formation speed-coachings or additional intention implementation speed-coachings. Participants in the control group receive a vehicle-integrated fitness device only. Two of the four intervention groups run this project in a social support dyad (in which drivers are coupled with another participating driver). This intervention will run for up to 12-weeks and include outcomes relating to emotional, motivational and volitional aspects, physical activity behavior and the usage rate of the vehicle-integrated fitness device.
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