Comparison of Multiple Object Tracking Performance Between Professional and Amateur eSport Players as Well as Traditional Sportsmen

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High performance in multiple object tracking paradigms is associated with well-trained visuo-spatial abilities, visual memory and divided attention. These abilities are essential for both traditional sport and esport. The present study compared the tracking performance of professional as well as amateur esport players and traditional sportsmen. Professional esport players outperformed amateurs, while no other group differences were found. Positive association of esport playtime and tracking performance as well as elevated tracking scores of the entire study cohort compared to normal population indicate a connection of esport and sport activity and tracking performance.
Original languageEnglish
Article number2
JournalInternational Journal of eSports Research
Issue number1
Pages (from-to)17-33
Number of pages17
Publication statusPublished - 06.2021

ID: 5988715

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