Das Gesundheitsnetzwerk fitnetz des Rhein-Kreises Neuss: Ein Versuch der Implementierung eines kommunalen Gesundheitsförderungsnetzwerkes

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  • Birgit Appenrodt

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In the present study the municipal health promotion network "fitnetz" for kindergartens and schools of the Rhine district Neuss was examined. A lasting cooperation between different sectors had been established with central municipal players from the areas of education, health, sport and security.
The success of the network can be seen in high participation of the kindergartens and the involvement of the head of district authority and the head of health department. Furthermore the network succeeded in integration of members of the health committee and social committee. The success is also demonstrated by the fact that the network had been introduced at established national conferences. Other cities in North-Rhine-Westphalia organised their own similar networks based upon this examined network.
The following facts could be identified for a successful network development: Interest and openness of the head of administration to create innovative environments and a central coordination office for the network with a secured and certified staff. An annual conference which focuses the attention on the subject „health promotion“ in kindergartens and schools was also of high importance.
However, numerous difficulties could be seen in the interorganizational cooperation which have not been fully discussed up until now; they can restrain and limit the development of networks: At operative level one fact was the unequal distribution of time resources. Another problem was the insufficient job profile which did not include networking up until now. Furthermore, passive and unmotivated attitude of work of single players hinder the network development.
At strategic level, it was not successful to place health promotion in other important adjoining sectors. A basic problem arose from the complexity of networks that complicated the communication to the (professional) public.
In summary, is to be stated that health promotion networks cannot be regarded as
a general solution considering operative und strategic problems. Still, in the municipal context, they can generate positive effects in local health politics with motivated players.
Original languageGerman
Place of PublicationKöln
PublisherDeutsche Sporthochschule Köln
Number of pages249
Publication statusPublished - 2016

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