Der aufeinander einspielende Takt: Hüter leiblicher Würde

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Mutually adaptive tact is a praxis in the milieu among fellow players, i. e., fel- low men (Helmuth Plessner). It has a social as well as corporal and a mutu- ally beneficial as well as salutary facet which ensures that persons contacting each other let themselves be moved and touched by one another in order to reach, under the force of concrete yet value-equivalent intercourse settings, a jointly shared, mutually protecting as well as enabling intercourse sense, i. e., an atmospheric commonality. By means of such border-agile tact, tense atmospheres can be negotiated and thus relaxed in close distance to the cus- tomary social as well as corporal conventions but be answered neither by an order of intercourse nor by a sense of intercourse.
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Publication statusPublished - 2020

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