Inklusiver Sportunterricht - Anlass für Professionalisierungsprozesse von Lehrkräften?

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The main objective of this project is to analyze possible effects of inclusive settings on the professional development of P.E. teachers. A central question is if and in which ways changes towards an inclusive school system may trigger a professional crisis within P.E. teachers. The data is obtained from 17 focused interviews with P.E. teachers that were also filmed in inclusive teaching settings.
In a first step, the theoretical framework is established. According to Koller (2010), encountering severe problems or critical situations may cause irritations in such a way that a person starts questioning his or her conception of the self and the world. In consequence, the personal frame of reference needs to be adjusted. The underlying theoretical concept (“transformative Bildungstheorie”) does not only provide a possible explanation, but also aims at dis-covering such processes of irritation and subsequent personal development using methods of qualitative social research. It can thus serve as basis for investigating critical situations in inclusive P.E. settings.
The qualitative research method used in this project combines Grounded Theory Methodology (GTM) with a linguistic approach for reconstructive interview analysis (Kruse 2015). The video-stimulated, focused interviews are analyzed in two steps: First, focusing the content of utterances, second, bringing into focus their linguistic properties. With respect to content analysis via GTM five hot spots causing problems or irritations can be identified: teaching structure, focus of attention, teaching aspiration, concept of performance and attitudes (teacher beliefs). The linguistic analyses show different ways of dealing with critical demands of inclusive teaching. These seem to be relevant especially with regard to the professional development of P.E. teachers.
Translated title of the contributionTeachers’ Views on Inclusive Physical Education – an Analysis from a Professional Development Perspective
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Publication statusPublished - 2020

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